Dr. Michael Thomas D.O.   

Cascade Neurosurgical's mission is simple. We are here to provide this community the best neurosurgical care available east of the cascades. Dr. Thomas's vision is to provide Central and Eastern Washington more than what you would get at other communities with similar demographics. When it comes to complex brain or spinal disease that requires surgical management, most patients and their families believe the best option is to seek care in metropolitan cities. This can be a burden to friends and family because of the extended travel time and boarding costs. It can make it difficult for some family and friends to stretch their resources to see their loved one because of job commitments and financial restrictions. It's stressful enough when someone you care about is having a major neurosurgical operation, why harbor that extra stress if you don't have to?

Dr. Thomas wants to give you the opportunity to avoid those hassles and expenses. He is here to discuss with you your diagnosis, to educate you so you understand. Once he is confident of your diagnosis he will thoroughly inform you of all treatment options available and recommend what he thinks is right for you. Dr Thomas is here to provide you with personalized service. We don't want you to feel that your neurosurgical problem is mystifying or over your head. He will make sure you are well educated about your diagnosis. You will be given education materials, on-line resources, and information about current trends and up to date studies related to your condition.